What To Expect

What To Expect 1

Initial Paperwork

You will be required to fill out our new patient application form. This provides us with general information about yourself and your condition. This paperwork is required by law, and serves to protect you and your health information.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a brief introduction to chiropractic fundamentals as it relates to your concerns. It includes a discussion about the effects of spinal subluxation.

What To Expect 2

History and Exam

You will be asked questions relating to the history of your condition. A brief exam will follow, including a posture analysis.


When required, X-Rays will be obtained to assist in developing an effective treatment plan for you.

Report of Findings

Following consultation, history, exam and X-Ray, Dr. Hipp will analyze results and generate a report, including photos of the X Ray. This comprehensive report is typically reviewed on the second visit. A trusted companion or family member can be valuable in this process.