Auto Accident Injury

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Being in a car accident can cause long-lasting injuries and pain when not addressed. At Dr. Hipp's Chiropractic, our highly experienced chiropractor, Dr. Hipp, provides holistic treatments for auto accident injuries to help you heal without harsh medicines or invasive treatments. Often during exam, Dr. Hipp is told, "yes, I have had a car crash in my past, but it didn't hurt me."  This may be true, but too often it is not true.  The most common injury in a car crash is neck straightening, which leads to consequences including pain and dysfunction, but not immediately.   The head is heavy, and after being struck from behind, one endures a whiplash of the head and neck, leaving the neck almost certainly displaced.  Most recently, it has been documented that when the neck position is compromised, so is ones health.  Sensory motor response becomes impaired and you may perform lower than your norm because your response to stimuli is not optimal leaving you vulnerable to symptoms,  clumsiness leading to accidents, and weakness resulting in pain.  Studies show that a reduced cervical curve leads to reduced oxygen supply to the brain, resulting in neurodegenerative disiorders like: memory loss, dimentia, Parkinson's or Alzheimers' disease.  A reduced cervical curve is correctable, but one has to see a CBP chiropractor for treatment over time to correct this common subluxation, aka misalignment.  

Auto Accident Injury Q & A

What is an auto accident injury?

Auto accident injuries are those sustained while in an accident involving an automobile. Such injuries range in severity from mild to severe and can be long-lasting or crippling when left untreated. If you have been in a crash whether you feel pain or do not, still visit Dr. Hipp's Chiropractic for an evaluation as soon as possible. 

Undergoing a medical evaluation is important. Sometimes, it takes a few days for symptoms to appear after the accident, and it can take up to a year, and more!

What are examples of auto accident injuries a chiropractor can treat?

Common car accident injuries Dr. Hipp’s Chiropractic treats include:

  • Back pain
  • Neck discomfort
  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Whiplash
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Spinal misalignment
  • Sprains
  • Nerve pain
  • jaw pain or TMJ
  • wrist pain
  • Ligament, disc, joint, or myofascial injuries

Dr. Hipp's Chiropractic tailors each treatment based on the type of auto accident injury you have, its cause, and your symptoms.

How is an auto accident injury diagnosed?

Diagnosing an auto accident injury typically involves a comprehensive physical exam, a review of your medical history and symptoms, and X-rays or other diagnostic tests when necessary. Your provider then tailors a holistic pain-reducing treatment that optimizes natural healing. 

How does a chiropractor treat an auto accident injury?

Dr. Hipp's Chiropractic offers the following treatments for an auto accident injury:

Physical therapy

Physical therapy stretches and exercises help realign your spine, optimize healing after injuries, strengthen targeted tissues, ease pain, and reduce the risk of re-injury.

Chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments can realign your spine using manual manipulation. Dr. Hipp's Chiropractic provides Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP), a method that restores normal spinal curvature. The treatment combines biology, physiology, geometry, physics, and anatomy to identify and treat the root causes of pain.

Massage therapy

Your specialist uses massage therapy to manipulate tight, sore, or injured tissues. This improves blood flow, reduces nerve pressure, and stimulates natural healing. 


Traction uses manual manipulation or a machine to stretch spinal tissues, reduce tension, minimize pressure placed on spinal discs and nerves, and lessen pain.

® treatments

K-Laser treatments use light energy to regenerate tissues, stimulate healing, and reduce pain without invasive treatments. 

Dr. Hipp's Chiropractic provides patient education to teach you ways to complete continued care at home between in-office sessions.  Natural healing methods, when utilized, carry you forward throughout your life and have proven to be valuable.  

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